The Jim Peterik catalog is growing day-by-day. Please pardon our dust as we continue to add albums to the list and expand even further by adding songs for each album.

Shon Dels Unlimited

“Like it or Lump It”/“No Two Ways About it” (1965) Epitome 7195

Batt Mann & the Boy Wonders

“You Wouldn’t Listen”/ “I’ll Keep Searchin’” (3/66) Ginny 903

The Ides of March

“You Wouldn’t Listen”/“I’ll Keep Searchin’” (4/66) Harlequin 660412
“You Wouldn’t Listen”/“I’ll Keep Searchin’” (5/66) Parrot 304
“Roller Coaster”/“Things Aren’t Always What They Seem” (8/66) Parrot 310
“You Need Love”/“Sha-La-La-La-Lee” (11/66) Parrot 312
“My Foolish Pride”/“Give Your Mind Wings” (5/67) Parrot
“Hole in my Soul”/“Girls Don’t Grow on Trees” (2/68) Parrot
“Nobody Loves Me!”/“Strawberry Sunday” (4/69) Kapp 992
“One Woman Man”/“High on a Hillside” (9/69) Warner Brothers 7334
“Vehicle”/“Lead me Home, Gently” (2/70) WB 7378
Certified Gold Record.
“Superman”/“Home” (5/70) WB 7403
“Melody”/“The Sky is Falling” (8/70) WB 7426
“L.A. Goodbye”/“Mrs. Grayson’s Farm” (1/71) WB 7466
“Tie-Dye Princess”/“Friends of Feeling” (6/71) WB
“Giddy-Up Ride Me”/“Freedom Sweet” (9/71) WB 7526
“Vehicle”/“L.A. Goodbye” (1971) WB 7140
“Mother America”/“Landlady” (10/72) RCA 74-
“Hot Water”/“Heavy on the Country” (10/73) RCA 0052
“I’m Gonna Say My Prayers”/“The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” (1999) Sundazed 142

Vehicle (6/70) WB 1863
Common Bond (4/71) WB 1896
World Woven (10/72) RCA 4812
Midnight Oil (5/73) RCA 0143
Ideology 1966 to Present (1992) IOM Records
Ideology 1966-1968 (3/2000) Sundazed 11067
Ideology: Version II.0 1965 to Present (2000) IOM Records
Beware! The Ides of March–LIVE! (2003) IOM Records
Idessentials (2005) IOM Records
Extended Versions (5/30/2006) SBME Special Products
I Believe in Christmas (12/2009) IOM Records
Sharing Christmas (12/2009) IOM Records
Still 19 (2010) IOM Records

A Vehicle Through Time: The story of The Ides of March 40th Anniversary Concert (2004)

Jim Peterik SOLO
“Don’t Fight the Feeling”/“Hard Day at the World” (9/76) Epic 50272
“Last Tango”/“Lay Back” (12/76) Epic 50311
“The Closest Thing to My Mind”/“Don’t Fight the Feeling” (6/77) Epic 50406

Don’t Fight the Feeling (10/76) Epic 34196
Above the Storm (2006) Frontiers

“Somewhere in America”/“Freelance” (2/80) Scotti Brothers 511
“Rebel Girl”/“Freelance” (5/80) Scotti Brothers 517
“Summer Nights”/“Love is on My Side” (8/80) Scotti Brothers 2435
“Poor Man’s Son”/“Love is on my Side” (9/81) Scotti Brothers 2560
“Summer Nights”/“Take You on a Saturday” (1/82) Scotti Brothers 2700
“Eye of the Tiger”/“Take You on a Saturday” (4/82) Scotti Brothers 2912
From the Motion Picture Rocky III
Academy Award nominee for Best Original Song
Grammy Award winner for Best Performance by a Duo or a Group.
Billboard Number 1 single for six weeks.
Certified Double Platinum in record sales.
Certified Triple Platinum in downloads.
Billboard Hot 100 Number 5 song of the 1980s.
“American Heartbeat”/“Silver Girl” (9/82) Scotti Brothers 3213
“The One That Really Matters”/“Hesitation Dance” (1/83) Scotti Brothers 3485
“Caught in the Game”/“Slander” (10/83) Scotti Brothers 4074
“I Never Stopped Loving You”/“Ready For the Real Thing” (2/84) Scotti Brothers 4347
“The Moment of Truth”/“It Doesn’t have to be This Way” (6/84) Casablanca 880053
“I Can’t Hold Back”/“I See You in Everyone” (8/84) Scotti Brothers 4603
Billboard Number 1 single.
“High On You”/“Everlasting” (1/85) Scotti Brothers 4685
“The Search Is Over”/“It’s the Singer Not the Song” (4/85) Scotti Brothers 4871
Billboard Number 1 single.
Certified Double Platinum
“First Night”/“Feels Like Love” (7/85) Scotti Brothers 5579
“Burning Heart”/“Feels Like Love” (10/85) Scotti Brothers 5663
From the Motion Picture Rocky IV
“Is This Love”/“Can’t Let You Go” (10/86) Scotti Brothers 6381
“How Much Love”/“Backstreet Love Affair” (2/87) Scotti Brothers 6705
“Man Against the World”/“Oceans” (4/87) Scotti Brothers 7070
“Didn’t Know it Was Love”/“Rhythm of the City” (9/88) Scotti Brothers 8067
“Across the Miles”/“Burning Bridges” (1/89) Scotti Brothers 68526

Survivor (3/80) Scotti Brothers 7107
Premonition (10/81) Scotti Brothers 37549
Eye of the Tiger (6/82) Scotti Brothers 38062
Certified Double Platinum
Caught in the Game (10/83) Scotti Brothers 38791
Vital Signs (9/84) Scotti Brothers 39578
When Seconds Count (10/86) Scotti Brothers 40457
Too Hot to Sleep (10/85) Scotti Brothers 44282
Greatest Hits (11/89) Scotti Brothers 45433
Greatest Hits (1993) Scotti Brothers 75408
Ultimate Survivor (7/04) Volcano/BMG Heritage 61488
The Best of Survivor (6/06) Volcano/Legacy 81598
Playlist: The Very Best of Survivor (6/09) Volcano/Legacy

Pride of Lions
“Sound of Home” (2003) Frontiers Records
“Delusional” (2012) Frontiers Records

Albums & EPs
Sound of Home (2003) Frontiers Records
Pride of Lions (11/03) Frontiers Records
Black Ribbons (9/04) Frontiers Records
The Destiny Stone (11/04) Frontiers Records
Live in Belgium (10/06) Frontiers Records
The Roaring of Dreams (2/07) Frontiers Records
Immortal (9/12) Frontiers Records

Live in Belgium (10/06) Frontiers Records


Vehicle (Radio Remix) (2008)
Sall Good (6/11)

Lifeforce (2/09) World Stage International Records
Forces At Play (6/11) World Stage International Records

World Stage

Jim Peterik and World Stage (4/2000)
The Day America Cried—Songs of Hope for a Unified Nation (10/01) Transcention
Rock America Smash Hits LIVE! (6/02)

Heavy Metal (7/81) Asylum 90004
Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal” song co-written by Peterik.
Rocky III (6/82) Liberty 51130
Includes Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”
The Karate Kid (7/84) Casablanca 822213
Includes Survivor’s “The Moment of Truth.”
Rocky IV (11/85) Scotti Brothers 40203
Includes Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” and “Burning Heart.”
Lock Up! (1989)
Includes The Ides of March’s “Vehicle.”

Other Appearances on Albums and Singles

“Run Back to Mama” (4/74) Epic 11113
Written by Peterik who also sang lead.

Chase (4/71) Epic 30472
Pure Music (4/74) Epic 32572
Chase/Ennea/Pure Music (6/10/08) Wounded Bird 472

38 Special

Rockin’ Into the Night (12/79) A&M 2205
Co-written by Peterik.
“Hold on Loosely” (2/81) A&M 2316
Co-written by Peterik
“Fantasy Girl” (5/81) A&M 2330
Co-written by Peterik
“Caught Up In You” (4/82) A&M 2412
Co-written by Peterik
Billboard number 1 single
“You Keep Runnin’ Away”/“Prisoners of Rock ‘N Roll” (8/82) A&M 2431
Both co-written by Peterik

Rockin’ into the Night (12/79) A&M 4782
Wild-Eyed Southern Boys (2/81) A&M 4835
Special Forces (5/82) A&M 4888
Bone Against Steel (7/91) Charisma 91640
Resolution (1997)
Several songs co-written by Peterik including the single “Fade to Blue”.

Other Recordings of Songs Written or Co-written by Peterik

NOTE: “Eye of the Tiger” has been covered dozens of times by artists as diverse as Gloria Gaynor, Paul Anka, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Great White, and Crew 7.

Quincy Conserve
“Aire of Good Feeling” (1971) RCA 432)
Written by Peterik..

Long Time Comin’
“Aire of Good Feeling” (1971) Ivanhoe 506
Written by Peterik.

Kris Erik Stevens
“Training Wheels” (1971) Sunlight 1008
Written by Peterik

“Sweet Fools” (8/75) Epic 50133
Co-written and co-produced by Peterik.

“I Ain’t Much, but I’m all I Got”/”Brother John” (11/76) Epic
Both songs co-written and co-produced by Peterik.

Somona Cooke
“Dance to Keep From Crying” (9/77) Epic
Written by Peterik.

Demis Roussos
“San Pedro’s Children” (1980) Mercury 458
Written by Peterik

Tommy Shaw
“Ever Since the World Began” (1/88) Atlantic 89138
Co-written by Peterik.

Jimi Jamison
“Ever Since the World Began” (1989) Scotti Brothers
CD Single co-written by Peterik.

Crossroads Moment (2008) Frontiers
All tracks written and produced by Peterik.

Extra Moments (2010) Melodicrock Records
All tracks written and co-produced by Peterik.

Cheap Trick
Woke Up With a Monster (1994) Warner Brothers
Peterik co-wrote the single “You’re All I Wanna Do” from this album. He also co-wrote the track “Never Run Out of Love.”

Jillian (1995) Rugged Records
Includes 8 songs written by Peterik.

Anthony Gomes
Blues in Technicolor (1998)
Peterik wrote several of the songs on this album.

Music is the Medicine (2006)
Peterik wrote several of the songs on this album.

Van Zant
Brother to Brother (1998)
Peterik played keyboard and co-wrote 11 songs on the album.

Brian Wilson
Imagination (1998)
Peterik co-wrote title track as well as “Dream Angel” and played with Brian’s touring band in the VH1/PBS television special for the album.

Kelly Keagy
Time Passes (2001) Frontiers 063

I’m Alive (11/29/2006) Frontiers
Peterik co-wrote all songs, played guitars, keyboards and provided backing vocals on this album which he also mixed and produced.

Spirit Dancer (2002) Columbia
Peterik co-wrote the title song “Spirit Dancer.”

Mecca (2002)
Peterik co-wrote songs for and co-produced this album.

Bo Bice
“Vehicle” (6/21/2005)
B-side of single “Inside Your Heaven”.

Lisa McClowry
Diary of a Chameleon (2006)
Peterik wrote several songs for this album.

Time Signatures (2010)
Peterik wrote several songs for this album.

Come Dancing (2010)
Song written by Peterik who also produced the single.

Lisa McClowry Sings Acoustic Alchemy (2012)
Peterik co-wrote all of the songs for this album.

Sunstorm (2006) Frontiers Records

Peterik wrote the songs “This Is My Heart,” “Strength Over Time” and “Danger of Love,” and co-wrote “Another You,” “Making Up for Lost Time” and “Arms of Love” for this album.
House of Dreams (2009) Frontiers Records
Peterik wrote the songs “Say You Will” and “Gutters of Gold,” and co-wrote “Tears on the Pages” for the album.

REO Speedwagon
The Ballads (4/28/2009) Sony 748575
Includes “Just For You,” co-written by Peterik.

Here I Am (9/10) Planet 49
Album includes “Lost in a Daze Dream”, co-written by Peterik.

The Beach Boys
“That’s Why God Made the Radio”/”That’s Why God Made the Radio (instrumental)” (7/2012) Capitol 64989
Peterik co-wrote the song and performed with band on the album of the same title.

“Isn’t It Time” (2012)
Co-written by Peterik.

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